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Inform us about your upcoming campaigns and goals. Your Strategist will let you know how influencers can help you achieve these goals!

Creative offer

After we’ve listened to you, we’ll work hard on our end to present creative solutions made specifically for your target audience and goals.

Sit back & relax

Once having agreed to all the details, a dedicated Campaign Manager activates the campaign. Follow the progress in the dashbord in real time.

When Full Service is the way to go

Pain #1: You don’t have time

You are an Influencer Marketeer, Social Media Manager, Co-founder, CEO, Marketing Manager and have the objective to scale Influencer Marketing, doing 10-1000 collaborations a month.

Solution. You have two options - scale your Influencer Marketing team by hiring more employees at a hefty cost, or heading over to your new in-house influencer team at Beatly for help. We’ll provide a Strategist & Campaign Manager in no time.

Pain #2: Finding the best suited influencers

You understand you need to work with influencers that really engage and drive results. You know you should avoid fake followers and influencers that do not have any trust towards their followers.

Solution. Since 2015, Beatly has made 10,000’s of collaborations across EU and the Nordics. We know exactly what to look for, and can give hands-on expertise and data driven recommendations on which to work with (and not!).

Pain #3: Setting clear goals

The most crucial part in Influencer Marketing is setting and achieving clear, ROI positive results. The market is constantly changing so you need to re-invent the wheel every time.

Solution. Our Campaign Managers and Strategists are experts at understanding which goals are relevant (and which aren’t). We’ll help you set goals, follow up on them & keep all details in mind.

Pain #4: Scaling successfully

You’ve been succesful in Influencer Marketing, and now you want do it in multiple markets, executing 10-100+ influencers/month. Not to mention handling everything in a time efficient manner to save hours from your team.

Solution. We have been working on our platform since 2015 and have automated time consuming tasks such as agreements, content collecting, payouts, email reminders & more. We help our clients save 100’s of hours every month while you sit back & relax!

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  • Content Hub and Approvals

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