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Almondy is well known for their delicious cakes and desserts. Their ready off-the-shelf-cakes, making sure that swedes are always ready for a spontaneous cake-party!


The mud cake is a very beloved cake in Sweden, so we were deeply excited to launch the campaign for Almondy’s new mud-cake. The goal for Almondy was to become the nr 1 choice when people long for a really good mud cake. But the question was; how to do it in an inspiring way, and who to do it with?


Beatly prioritized, by engagement and historical result, which to invite from the extensive list of  100+ baking accounts. The result ended up in an over delivery with 5x the promised reach, and a CPE (cost-per-engagement) cut by 3 compared to promised. Almondy also got 2100+ clicks from followers who wanted to read more about their tasty cakes. The quality of the content was great - delivering fantastic, inspiring content produced by influencers in their own unique way.


Julia Khouri, Sverige. Engagement rate 2,8 %, likes 380.

Sara Stråht, Sverige. Engagement rate 1,1 %, likes 1091.

Rim Kasto, Sverige. Engagement rate 5,4 %, likes 284.

Camilla Vogl, Sverige. Engagement rate 2,2 %, likes 227.

894 000




2 X

CPE cost decrease

21 000


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To see full campaign performance. Download the case below.