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Engagement and attract new followers to Instagram account

Cetaphil´s amazing skin care products are used by some of the biggest stars of the century. But what’s next? Cetaphil came to Beatly to get help to find their way through the powerful world of engaging micro-influencers. The big questions were: How to do it? Who to do it with? And how to evaluate the results?


Cetaphil´s goal was to increase engagement and word-of-mouth, through activating a great number of relevant micro-influencers with the right audience and high engagement. They also wanted to increase their amount of followers on their own Instagram account to be able to build a direct communication channel to their target audience.


A total of 1500+ content creators were identified to match Cetaphil’s products and brand. The top 50 were exclusively invited - prioritized on historical results and highest engagement scores - which resulted in 17 influencers being involved. The campaign consisted of 68 posts and was a real success with three times the reach that was promised before the campaign.

"Beatly has given us a new way of looking and following up on influencer marketing campaigns via their real-time dashboard. This combined with great customer service, a highly skilled campaign setup and high ambitions, resulted in very satisfying results for our campaign for Cetaphil." - Samuel Silkestrand, Brand Manager Consumer, Galderma Nordic.


17 influencers were hired for the campaign and they made totally 68 posts. Their focus in post one was to build brand awareness while the second post focused on attracting new followers to Cetaphil´s Instagram account through an engaging competition.

Elina Casell Hjalmarsson, Sweden. Engagement rate 7,9%, 196 likes, CTR 1,8 %.

Josefin Thörnblom, Sverige. Engagement rate 4,0%, 778 likes, CTR 1,9 %.

Elin Lindqvist, Sverige. Engagement rate 10,8%, 654 likes, CTR 2,7 %.


New followers

1 380 000


33 774





Engagement rate





To see full campaign performance. Download the case below.