How to Hire International Influencers

  on May 23rd 2018  

As you might assume, hiring influencers from countries outside of your own country can be a daunting experience with issues that you wouldn’t encounter at home.

On this page, we will discuss the issues people face when running campaigns abroad and how to deal with them, and we’ll also provide you with a comprehensive solution that can be used to run successful influencer marketing campaigns around the world.

The Issues Associated with International Influencer Marketing

Planning an influencer marketing campaign and activating the right influencer is not an easy task and it’s something that takes marketers years to master and really get a grip on. And even still, very few people can continuously create successful campaigns.

Now try to imagine what it would be like to activate a bunch of influencers on a market that you’re not familiar with - that makes the task many times more difficult. Yet, people are still forced to do this on the regular especially marketers that work for major corporations and companies with customers from around the world.

Generally speaking, there are two main problems with running an influencer marketing campaign on a foreign market, but there is also a practical solution.

Problem Number 1: Language

The first and most obvious issue you will run into is the language barrier. Not everyone in the world is capable of communicating in English, especially not on the business level that’s required for a professional marketing collaboration. And even if the influencers you want to work with speak English, there is no guarantee that their followers do. And for people that don’t speak English fluently, interacting with a sponsored post in English might not be an option.

Let’s say your company has a new product that is launching worldwide and your job is to activate a campaign in Germany, a country where few people speak English fluently and even fewer would feel comfortable with English ads. As you might imagine, it becomes a major problem pretty quickly. So how do you deal with it? Well, there is not one single answer to that question, but you have a few options.

You can either try your best to find English speaking influencers in Germany, activate a campaign in English through them and hope for the best. However, chances are your conversion rate will suffer.

Another option is to hire an interpreter or a marketing expert from Germany that can act as your middleman. By doing so you will be able to run a campaign in the local language with Germany influencers, and chances are the results will be pretty good. The problem is that you have to hire an extra person which will take money away from the campaign budget and there is an increased risk of miscommunication. Likewise, having to run a campaign through a third person creates a lot of extra tasks and annoyances.

Not too convinced yet?

We don’t blame you, which is why we have worked out the perfect solution on how to avoid language based issues for international influencer marketing campaigns.

Avoiding the Language Barrier When Running Campaigns on Foreign Markets

At Beatly, we have a team of professionals that are used to working in different markets and in many industries. The Beatly team has extensive experience from running campaigns abroad and can help you out as well. In addition, our influencer marketing team is multilingual, meaning they can communicate directly with influencers and brands in several languages around the world.

This means that you can avoid all language problems and activate campaigns on international markets quite effortlessly using Beatly. Whether you’re looking to launch a campaign in Germany, Italy, South America, Sweden, or anywhere else, Beatly can help you.

Problem Number 2: Rules and Regulation

The second largest issue with running international influencer marketing campaigns is that every jurisdiction has different rules regarding how you’re supposed to run ads, payments, taxes, etc. Breaking advertisement rules or not paying taxes are serious crimes everywhere in the world and it is, obviously, something you want to avoid at all costs.

However, hiring a lawyer and maybe even an accountant is not really feasible and the price tag will start adding up quickly. Today, most marketers run campaigns on very tight budgets which means that there is often not enough room to spend thousands of dollars on hiring legal staff. The other option would be to study the rules and regulation for each jurisdiction on your own, but that is a tedious project that you most likely don’t have time for.

So how can you make sure that your influencer marketing campaigns are legal?

Once again, Beatly can help you. The Beatly network is set up to work effortlessly on many different markets. We have worked hard to create a system that allows us to activate completely legal marketing campaigns on pretty much any market in no time.

If you run an international campaign with Beatly, you will be guaranteed that every influencer gets paid according to the local law. That means that VAT numbers, taxes, and fees are all taken care of. We also make sure that the ads are run according to local advertisement laws, meaning they will be marked with the required marks and tags.

Make Sure Your International Influencer Marketing Campaigns Run As Smoothly As Possible

The point we want to emphasize with this post is that running an influencer marketing campaign abroad can be a confusing and complex project. Different languages and rules can feel like a jungle and often times these issues end up hurting your conversion rates and results.

Luckily, we here at Beatly have experience from running campaigns in multiple countries and we have created an easy system that lets us activate campaigns in an international market with very little effort. Combine that with our multilingual influencer marketing team, and you can rest assured that your next international campaign will be run legally in the local language and that it will provide great results.

Do you have questions about running a campaign abroad or do you have a campaign that you would like to discuss? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you out!