Introducing the New Age of Influencer-Driven CTV Advertising

Discover the unparalleled advantages of CTV advertising with our influencer marketing platform. Reach your target audience on connected TV and maximise your brand's visibility.

Amplifying Your Influencer Content into Top-Tier Digital Destinations

Turn Your Influencer Content into CTV Ads

Beatly transforms top influencer content into impactful CTV ads, offering the power of TV advertising at a significantly lower cost.

Expand Your Reach
with CTV

Enhance your brand's exposure through our wide range of CTV channels, featuring global giants such as Netflix and local favorites like Sweden's TV4.*

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*Disclaimers: (1) Channel availability differs across countries. (2) Beatly's Influencer Ads on Netflix are only accessible in the UK, US and Germany. Please contact our team for a list of channels & countries (as of Q4-2023).

Connect with Your Target Audience

Effectively target your audience with our advanced programmatic tools on premium CTV channels.


Incorporating CTV Advertising into Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Advanced Targeting Options

Reach your desired audience with precise targeting options for CTV advertising.

Ad Formats

Choose from a variety of engaging ad formats created from your influencer campaigns to captivate viewers on CTV platforms.

Measure Success

Track and analyze the performance of your CTV advertising campaigns in real-time.

Always-On TV & Continuous Optimisations

Beatly's approach not only uses Influencer Content to keep CTV ads continuously fresh, but we also actively request influencers to create more content based on the best-performing ads.

Unlock the Power of CTV Advertising in Influencer Marketing Campaigns

CTV advertising offers a highly effective way to reach your target audience through influencer marketing campaigns. By leveraging the power of connected TV, you can deliver your message directly to viewers in a captivating and engaging format.

Transform Your CTV Advertising

Discover the power of CTV advertising and reach your target audience like never before.