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Creators Selection

Our team identifies and lists creators aligning with your brand and objectives. You have the choice to approve or decline selections, or entrust our team with the decision-making.

Brief Creation

Ensuring nothing progresses to production without your clear approval is key to maintaining quality in deliverables. Our platform also offers you the opportunity to review the brief before it's sent to creators, or to delegate this task to us.

Drafts & Reviews

Collaborating with top brands necessitates content control before going live. Our platform's draft review function ensures nothing goes live without your approval, unless you delegate the review to us.

Your Content Library

Influencer Marketing's allure lies in its high-quality content at cost efficiency. Our content hub enhances this value by letting you tag, rate, and share content with your team effortlessly. Plus, enjoy the convenience of automatic keyword tagging through our AI system.

3. See All Summary Data In One Place

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