How To Apply for an Instagram Verification

  on Sep 4th 2018  

This guide applies to anyone using Instagram, but a verification is really only needed for larger established brands, influencers, and celebrities with many followers.

Instagram’s Verification

In an attempt to combat scammers, fake news, trolls, and inauthentic users, Instagram launched a series of new safety features on the platform last week. One of the main features is verified accounts which will allow larger accounts and influencers to prove their authenticity.

So far Instagram has only said that the new feature will apply to individuals with a large following that can have an impact on their followers meaning it will mostly be for celebrities, larger companies, influencers, actors, etc.

At the time of writing, the Instagram founder Kevin Systrom has gotten verified and so have brands like Nike and Adidas as well as superstar influencers Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner among many others.

That being said, anyone is allowed to apply for a verification, and all we’ve heard is that some accounts with more than 1,000 followers have been denied.

The feature is very similar to verified accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and it has been welcomed by everyone involved.

The Application Process

In order to apply to get verified, you have to log in to the account you want to verify. Then open your profile, tap the “Settings” tab, find the Account Section and tap Request Verification.

You are then redirected to a new window where you have to enter your full name, your business name, as well as a copy of your ID (passport, driver’s license, national ID). If you’re applying for a company, you will have to provide a copy of business documents such as tax filings.

Then you hit send and you are done. Instagram will now review your application and either deny or approve you based on their own set of requirements.


There are no exact requirements, and Instagram has provided only a few guidelines.

However, they have made it clear that they will deny people that don't necessarily need a verification as well as everyone that isn’t representing an authentic person or brand.

Instagram also commented and said the following regarding their requirements:

“Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated. We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow.”

In the end, the verification is to make sure that you as a user know that you're connecting with actual brands and people and that you are not being scammed and fooled.

Also, note that a Facebook verification doesn’t necessarily mean an Instagram verification. So even if you are verified on Facebook which owns Instagram, it doesn’t mean you will be verified on Instagram since they have their own policies. That being said, if you got verified on Facebook chances are that you will be verified on Instagram as well.

After You’re Approved

If Instagram approves your application, you will gain a blue check mark badge next to your username just like the system used by Twitter right now. This blue mark will be what separates real accounts from copies and fakes.

Instagram has the right to cancel your verification at any time if you break their policies. For example, you cannot market, sell, or give away your account to someone else. You can not use your profile, the badge, or your background image to market other services. You are also not allowed to use a third party service to verify your account.

Note! Instagram will never charge for a verification!

What if You’re Denied?

It’s not the end of the world if you get denied. If that’s the case, Instagram will contact you to let you know that your application has been denied and they’ll also let you know that you can apply again after 30 days.


The new verification system on Instagram is an excellent feature that will help make the platform more reliable and the people using it more trustworthy. In the long term, it will most likely help the social media platform to grow and establish itself as a leader that only allows the best to use their platform.

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